D.E.A.D. Till I Die - A GlobaTech Novella (Adrian Hell Series)

D.E.A.D. Till I Die - A GlobaTech Novella (Adrian Hell Series)

Even the best of us need help sometimes...

Following on from the devastating events in Deadly Intent, Adrian is trying to stay one step ahead of the people responsible for the most atrocious terrorist attack in human history, while fighting to bring them to justice. But there's only so much he can do on his own.

His best friend, Josh Winters, has spent the last couple of years working his way up the corporate ladder at GlobaTech Industries, the world’s largest private security firm. He takes it upon himself to use the vast amount of resources at his disposal to assist Adrian in his efforts, by putting together a small team, tasked with tracking down a former employee who has evidence to prove Adrian's claims of a conspiracy.

But Josh and his team aren't the only ones after him.

A thrilling introduction to a new cast of heroes, that fans of Chris Ryan's Strike Back, and Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series will love. The story moves at a blistering pace, and is packed with action, adventure, and humor - all trademarks of a James P. Sumner classic!

NB: This story takes place in between the events that occur in the Adrian Hell novels, Deadly Intent and A Necessary Kill, although it can still be enjoyed as a stand-alone title. It is a re-envisioning of a novella published under the same name in August 2015, but has changed drastically from its previous incarnation, including an alternative ending.

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